Having beautiful hair doesn’t only have a role in adding charm to your face, but also in building your confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, both men and women suffer from hair loss problems. Lifeless, thin, dull, and sparse hair can greatly affect one’s confidence and lead to social isolation, anxiety and even depression. Hair restoration treatments were always available to individuals who suffer from hair loss. However, they were so expensive that the average men or women could never afford them without taking a loan or going into debt. Nowadays, new and advanced hair loss treatments have developed, and the best thing is that they will not only help you regain your lost hair and self-confidence, but they also won’t burn holes in your pockets. Read on to learn more about micropigmentation hair treatments.

Invasive Hair Loss Treatments

As you know, there are two types of hair restoration treatments – invasive and noninvasive. Invasive treatments include hair transplantation that is done through hair surgery. Hair surgery is both female and male hair loss remedy. There are various techniques of hair transplantation, but the most popular are follicular unit transplant and micro grafting. Both methods are similar and they include dissecting a small part of hair follicles from one area and grafting it into another bald area of the scalp. The dissected part of the scalp is called a donor site and the bald area is called the recipient site.

All invasive procedures always carry certain side effects. However, the side effects of hair surgery are very limited. You may have small wounds in the donor’s area as well as at the recipient site. In rare cases, an infection can develop. It all depends on how well you take care of yourself during recovery.

Noninvasive Hair Loss Treatment

Until recently, there wasn’t a permanent hair restoration solution that was noninvasive. If someone didn’t want to undergo surgery, the only thing he or she could do is to change their lifestyle and food choices, lower stress or using lotions and shampoos that should nurture their hair well enough to prevent it from thinning, breaking or receding. Some hair loss clinics have started promoting non- invasive hair care treatments such as injecting of a cocktail of vitamins in the middle layer of the skin or infusing stem cells and growth factors at the root of the hair. Another noninvasive treatment that helps restore follicles is platelet rich plasma treatment.

Nowadays, if you are looking for a noninvasive but a permanent solution for hair loss, you should consider scalp micropigmentation. This procedure is also known as tattoos for hair loss. It is perfect both for men and women because it give the patient an illusion of a fuller, thicker and healthier hair. It helps hiding a receding hairline, effects or alopecia and much more. Only one session that lasts 30 minutes is enough to see the results. The best thing is that scalp micropigmentation is affordable to an average individual with an average income. If you are interested, consult with a local hair loss specialist to ensure you get the most appropriate treatment for your hair.