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Revision plastic surgery and breast augmentation in Cleveland Ohio from the professional and inspired hands of plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Goldman rewards each individual with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. The overall effect is not only an enhanced physical appearance but becomes a balanced, radiant projection of inner and outer beauty. For both men and women, revision procedures can include noninvasive rhinoplasty, a more thorough nose job surgery, facial contouring, body sculpting, or nonsurgical Botox or injectable filler treatments. Cleveland’s top plastic surgeon also performs breast augmentation surgery for women who desire a more fully developed, or shapely figure.

Revision Surgery

Revision Plastic Surgery covers a wide range of cosmetic procedures. Facial contouring can reshape the lines of the face. Raising cheekbones, straightening jaw lines, eye tucks, and rhinoplasty are just a few of the numerous revisionist methods practiced by Dr. Goldman and his staff to help an individual achieve their ideal image. The strength in revision plastic surgery, as opposed to major reconstructive surgery, goes beyond fancy rhetoric. It’s an ideal that combines skilled technical experience and a creative inclination toward classic form, shape, and structure. Whereas plastic surgery is often approached as “fixing a problem,” revision surgery in Cleveland Ohio takes on an artistic air imbued with the superior medical skill to go beyond mere mending into the realm of inspired living art.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Goldman sees Cleveland breast augmentation surgery similarly to revision plastic surgery in that the desire to achieve beauty, balance, and improved form is inherent to the inspiration and the procedure. Cosmetic and aesthetic goals blended with informed decisions about the type of implant (silicone vs saline) create fabulous new figures and renewed radiance in women. Whether it be an enhancement in cup size, balancing breast sizes, or post-mastectomy restructuring, Cleveland Ohio breast augmentation surgery complements a woman’s unique individuality by giving them the body and shape they’ve always dreamed of having.

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